SECONDS SALE St. Teresa of Calcutta 60 count puzzle

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Due to a small printing error, these puzzles are marked down to $22.00. The outside image on the puzzle box is slightly off in color.  The color on the puzzle itself translated correctly and is not affected.

Details: 60 pieces, 10x12 inches


Why puzzles???
When my oldest was 3, we were doing a mermaid puzzle. My daughter was studying every piece of that puzzle trying to figure out how it all goes together. As she studied the pieces, she began asking questions about what she saw. And the questions didn't stop. 

We had a fun conversation, but I just couldn't help but think what if we had been talking about more than mermaids. 

What if my child was so engaged with a puzzle of Jesus or Mary or one of the Saints that she was asking question after question and I had the unique opportunity to teach her about our Catholic faith while we played? 

It is our most sincere prayer that these puzzles will provide, not only some good ol fashion fun, but also an organic opportunity to discuss with your children the Catholic faith and the holy men and women who have come before us.


Colors on your screen may vary slightly from actual color of puzzle.