About Us


Hi! I'm Paige, owner of Fiat to Halo. We are a family owned small business that opened shop in November 2017 offering, at the time, only foil prints. We have since expanded to include Cozy Rosaries as well as a children's line of prints and puzzles. 

Why the name Fiat to Halo? In the summer of 2017 our family was in the middle of making some big career changes and in the midst of it all God spoke clearly to our hearts. "You are wasting your time," He said. "You need to be focused on raising saints." Feeling as if this was a call from God for me to stay home with the kids, I became a SAHM and contemplated what exactly God was asking of our family. How do we possibly raise saints? My husband and I realized that what we need to do is cooperate with God's will for our lives. In order to become saints, we have to give God our fiat, our yes. This is a yes that we must give Him day by day, moment by moment. So we strive to remain close to Him through prayer and the Sacraments and surrender our will to His in the hopes of becoming one of His saints. 

Our prayer for our customers, our Fiat to Halo family, is that you will wholeheartedly give God your fiat, and we faithfully believe that in His perfect timing you will receive your halo.