The Benedict Cozy Rosary™

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The Cozy Rosary™ is a walkable rosary blanket that can be used as a rosary or a blanket.

Our Benedict Cozy Rosary™ is a large 60x80 inch, super soft minky blanket in a classic blue/navy color scheme featuring the St. Benedict medallion. It comes gift wrapped (see pic).

Watermark logo will not appear on your Cozy Rosary™.

How to use your Cozy Rosary™:
1. Your child may stand and walk from "bead" to "bead" as your family prays.
2. Your child may sit and scoot from "bead" to "bead" as your family prays.
3. Your child may sit on the side of the blanket and use a bean bag or other marker to move from "bead" to "bead" as your family prays.
4. Your child may snuggle in the Cozy Rosary™ because it's still a blanket after all!

The story:
With lots of littles running around, my husband and I quickly realized that we needed to get creative with our family rosary if we were going to keep the kids engaged. We needed a product that was age appropriate- something that allowed them to learn through movement and wiggles, something tangible that helped them truly understand how to pray the Rosary, and something that made them want to pray the Rosary.

God is so good. He placed this project on my heart as an answer to our prayers and the Holy Spirit has been nudging me to share it with the world. This Cozy Rosary™ has been a GAME CHANGER for our family and I know it will transform your prayer time as well.

You'll be amazed with how quickly your children learn the prayers and mysteries of the Holy Rosary when using your Cozy Rosary™. Your children will be engaged and oftentimes ask to take the lead when saying the prayers. You may even catch your kids pulling out their Cozy Rosary™ and praying on their own or even teaching their stuffed animals and baby dolls!

This Cozy Rosary™ will quickly become your family's favorite rosary! I know ours will be cherished by my husband and me for years to come. And even as our children age and no longer need it during prayer, I will snuggle in its softness and remember all the many prayers we prayed using this blanket when the children were young.

Bonus- You can also use your Cozy Rosary™ to pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet. 

If you choose to have your child walk on the blanket as you pray, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND using this blanket on carpet or a large, non-slip area rug in order to decrease the risk of your child slipping and falling. If you don't have carpet or a large area rug, have your child sit and scoot or use the bean bag method. Your child should be supervised when using the rosary blanket.

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